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Think you know about Concussion? - From rugby, to football and cycling, here are some things you may

In preparation for an upcoming RFU (Rugby Football Union) first aid course I've been required to take a short course on concussion injuries, something I'll admit I knew little about as ( I believed until recently) it fell outside of my normal professional life beyond spotting the symptoms and referring patients to a specialist or relevant first responder.

However with a little searching, and the all important triangulation of data to validate it, I've found some fascinating information on the subject and I've been amazed at the speed that this field of research is emerging and how it's breaking down common misconceptions of both the causes and effects of impacts on the body that result in movement of the brain within our skulls.

Of particular interest was the reason why cycle helmets and sports helmets in general do not prevent concussion!

So if you're involved personally, or have family or friends that are involved in contact sports or sports that regularly require you to wear a helmet such as cycling or climbing, here a few TED videos which explain things far more eloquently that I could.

The causes, at neuron level, are fascinating as too is the research going on in the spheres of cause and prevention. I hope that you too find them interesting!

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