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Sports Massage


Jay specialises in Clinical Sports Massage and fascial release to ensure that muscles are at their optimum length and that the body's Bio Mechanical Alignment is in a neutral condition.  

Why is this important? 

Many athletes have learned firsthand how one minor problem can be magnified over time and eventually have major consequences. This can happen when a blister or ill suited running shoe affects a runner's gait, a badly set up or ill fitting bicycle causes an unwanted postural change, or stressed or weakened muscles cause an imbalance in the body’s mechanics.


Every athlete has different strengths and weaknesses, different degrees of flexibility, and different muscle skills and body types. These factors affect the way we walk, run, surf, cycle, ski, play ball sports, etc. When you factor in even small changes such as adding a backpack or running with a water bottle in the hand your bio mechanics change.


Resetting the body's bio mechanics back to its neutral position improves performance, relieves conditions such as tendonitis, scarring, ITB problems (commonly associated with runners and cyclists), adhesions and many other injuries as well as improving strength, flexibility, injury prevention and range of movement. 

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