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Deep Tissue Massage 


Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) encompass almost everything we do in work and play.


Trades people such as builders, electricians, engineers, drivers and office workers all use repeated actions in their day or hold postures such as being seated in an office or vehicle chair, or crouching for an unnatural length of time, creating fatigue in the muscles; and unless accompanied by a good quality stretching routine muscles will shorten and the body's bio mechanical alignment will deteriorate. 

This shortening of the body's muscles initially causes noticeable discomfort before the mind accepts it as the 'norm' and adjusts the body into a position where the discomfort is reduced, moving away from the body's bio mechanical neutral position and starting a chain reaction as muscles throughout the body try to pull us back to neutral. This tug of war between mind and body creates fatigue and pain but at each stage we 'normalise' it, adjusting to discomfort by moving in a less natural way or removing some movements from daily life completely. 

Through deep massage of the muscle fibres the full length of muscles can be regained and the body can return to full mobility and pain free ADL's. There's no reason to put up with (normalise) discomfort and let it affect your work and recreation life. 

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