What to expect during your first treatment. 

I remember my first sports massage very well. I was actually a little nervous and also unsure about things like what to wear and the whole etiquette of the occasion. So here's a little bit of info for your first visit that you may not want to ask or perhaps haven't thought of. Either way I hope it makes your visit a bit less daunting, especially if you've been lucky enough to be given one of our gift certificates by family or friends! 

So, firstly what to wear?

The nature of my treatments requires me to have contact with your skin to treat your muscles. I use a hypoallergenic massage oil for this which absorbs quickly into the skin so after your treatment your skin should feel nice and soft and in no way greasy. However if you have long hair it's preferable that you have some means of securing it out of the way.  

If you come along in your day to day clothes that's fine as you'll be able to change, in private, into either sports kit or down to your underwear, the choice is 100% yours, however leggings prevent effective treatment so shorts (or skorts - feel free to google those if you're not a runner) are preferable. Some people if they are able to, come along in their sports kit for ease. 


As you're being treated I will go to great lengths to ensure that only the area being treated is uncovered and I use a high degree of 'towel management' using large fleece blankets to protect your privacy and personal dignity throughout your treatment. This is a really important consideration for me for both male and female clients. 

How long does a treatment last?

Unless otherwise agreed a treatment will last 60 minutes. This includes the time needed for you to change clothing so please bear this in mind.

Does it hurt? 

Probably the most frequent question I'm asked. I work with you to establish a pain scale of 1-10 and ideally we will never go above a 6 on your first visit and not above 7 on subsequent visits. I'll explain this on the day and I'll be asking periodically throughout your treatment where we are on that scale at any given time. Your levels will adapt over time, so a 6 on your first visit will feel like a 4 for most people within a couple of sessions and as I aim to teach you how to maintain your own muscles through effective stretches, injuries aside, your visits should become about maintenance and less about chronic tightness. That said, we'll work within the bounds of what is comfortable for you. A painful treatment should not be a measure of it being an effective one!  

Where can I park?

There's ample roadside parking directly outside and we're well signposted. There's also a well maintained and free to use car park in the village here in Chacewater which is just a few minutes walk away down a quiet road. 

How do I book? 

If you have a Facebook account then just follow the links on this website and send me a message or use the 'book now' button. If your requested appointment is available I'll confirm it ASAP with a message. Or you can call me, email me or send me a direct message, all info for this is on the 'Contact and Bookings' page

After a treatment how long do I wait before resuming exercise?

This really depends on what takes place during the visit, but for guidance, if the treatment was just a maintenance massage on sore muscles I would advise coming in 3-4 days before any sporting events you may have planned, however a light training session may be fine the very next day. Each of us is different and we all vary in the pace that our bodies recover. If you have an upcoming event or sporting fixture just mention this prior to booking a treatment and I'll advise whether the timeframe available will allow for an effective treatment session beforehand.  

So I hope this has helped.


I do pride myself on giving a friendly and fun experience when you come along for a treatment (as I hope is reflected by my client reviews), so hopefully you won't feel daunted or nervous in any way. I look forward to seeing you and if you have any questions not covered above please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to answer them for you. 

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