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Private Group Event Support

Enjoy the prestige and benefits of taking your own personal clinical sports masseur

Are you planning an overseas trip for a family group, sports club or just a group of friends?

Have you considered including a Clinical Sports Massage Therapist in your party? 

If you're planning a multi day sports based event such as ski trip, a cycling training camp, triathlon or ultra marathon, by sharing the cost among the group you can experience the benefit of an on call personal sports massage therapist to take care of those aching muscles at the end of the day and make sure you're in top form for the next day's adventures. 

So if it's a family or group ski trip to the French alps, a cycling training camp in the mountains of Spain or an organised team of athletes heading to an overseas event, the benefits you'll gain from the personal attention of a sports masseur means you'll be much more likely to get the absolute maximum in performance and enjoyment from your trip.

For a fraction of the cost of your own participation you can give your body the best chance of operating at 100% output for the duration of your trip and worry less about picking debilitating injuries and annoying niggles that reduce your enjoyment or worse, may even curtail your trip. 

As an experienced international traveller with multi-day event experience for a Fortune 500 company, I can seamlessly integrate into your plans and play a part in making your trip an enjoyable and successful one whatever your goals are. 

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