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Strava Clubs - Your chance to win a free treatment. 

Join one of our Strava™ clubs and you'll be entered into the monthly draw for a free Clinical Sports Massage treatment.


Once a month 1 lucky member will be selected at random from each club to receive a treatment, completely free of charge. 

And because regular checks and treatments to your bio mechanical alignments are a key factor in improving your performance, you'll be able to see how you're faring against other members on our leaderboard before and after treatments. 

It's that simple, to be entered into the draws just join ONE of our Strava™ Clubs and you'll notified if you're the  lucky winner for the month. 

Click here to join the Running Club  or here to join the Cycling Club


The dull bits:

Terms and Conditions

  1. You can be a member of more than 1 group at a time, either the running club or the cycling club or both.

  2. Winners will be withdrawn from the next 2 draws in either group to ensure that no person may win more than one free treatment per calendar quarter.

  3. Entrants without a Strava™ entry in the previous 2 calendar months prior to the draw will be excluded from the current monthly draws. 

  4. The prize is not transferable to another person.

  5. The free treatment must be booked and used within 30 days of the prize notification being sent. It is the entrants' responsibility to check for notifications.

  6. Notifications will be sent via Strava™, Facebook™ or email or Dominos delivery person; whichever is deemed the most appropriate. 

  7. By entering the competition entrants agree that they have no pre existing medical conditions that would prevent delivery of a safe treatment and no contraindications. 

  8. Treatments will all be given by Jay Grady Clinical Sports Massage Therapy in Chacewater, Cornwall. 

  9. No cash alternative is available. 

  10. By joining this group you agree to receive group notifications via Strava™ .

  11. Competition rules may be altered at any time and without prior notice.

  12. The competition may be discontinued at any time and without prior notice.

  13. If it isn't on Strava™ it didn't happen, unless you forgot to stop your watch before driving home! In that case the gods of Strava™ will hunt you down and stone you with dried Wombat poo until you crop the run back to the car door! Random fact - Wombat poo is cube shaped.  Thanks for reading :)

Click here to book an appointment via Facebook or visit the contact page to call, send an email or a message.

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