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Running Reborn Coaching-Movement Workshop for Runners


Sunday 14th May 10am-5pm


Workhop address: Saint Piran Café, Old Conns Works, Bissoe, Nr Truro. TR4 8QZ

Thank you for booking onto the Workshop led by running specialist Shane Benzie.

Your payment to secure a place on the day has been received with thanks.

The workshop offers an evidence-based approach to helping you refine your running technique and

therefore improve your running economy, performance and reduce your injury risk. By the end of the

day you will have a greater awareness of how to effectively use your body to deal with the forces

coming up at you from the ground which will guide you in your training and keep you running for

longer with fewer injuries.

All running and video analysis will be done outside in so we can analyse how you run on a natural

terrain, which treadmills can't offer.

On arrival we will be asking you to complete consent forms and health questionnaires before

participating in the running workshop. Please do let us know if there is any relevant medical or injury

related history we need to be aware of prior to the start of the course.


Agenda for the day


*Video analysis of current running form.

*Review of analysis 

*Foot contact 



*Arm swing




*Video analysis of new running form

What time and where

The workshop will take place at Saint Piran Café, Old Conns Works, Bissoe, Nr Truro. TR4 8QZ

and will run from 10am to 5pm with a break for lunch at midday,

There is parking outside the café, and we will be there from 0930 onwards to welcome you.


If you use what3words, you can find the café here:

If there are any issues finding the location please contact:


Jay Grady (07469) 203833

or Richard Hurdle (07920) 572960


What to wear

Running attire - the forecast is for between 12C &15C and dry so please wear something you'll be comfortable in within those conditions.

We suggest that you bring a change of shoes and clothes.



Refreshments and food are included with the session and will be provided by the Saint Piran Cafe.

Tea, coffee and water will be provided. If you wish to supplement this the cafe will be open throughout.



We would like to take photos / film the workshop for its promotion on social media and our respective

websites. Please let us know if you do not consent to this.


Note Taking and course material

Shane will be creating a tailored report for each of you based on what we see of your running from the

day. This will be sent to you after the workshop plus there will be a follow-up zoom meeting available

to participants.

The report will include salient points from the day plus each of your target areas to work on. You're

welcome to bring a notepad and pen to take notes during the day.


Shane has also kindly included a signed copy of his best selling book ‘The Lost Art of Running’ as

part of your booking. More details can be found here:




Shane thrives on good quality constructive feedback so please give us yours!!

Who is Shane?

Shane Benzie – Founder of Running Reborn

"My passion and fascination for our dynamic movement were the key motivators for me to create

Running Reborn. Coaching, analysing and researching our running movement on six continents and

in a number of environments, many of them extreme has lead me to the conclusion that our

movement is largely influenced by our perception of the movement, if we change our perception then

we change our movement. When we move to our full potential we do so with elasticity, synergy,

fluidity and a sense of connectivity which is driven by our amazing proprioceptive system, I believe

this perception has been replaced with one that promotes one of being mechanical, if indeed there is

any thought at all.

My movement workshops are based on analysis and coaching of natural running form in a way that

allows the runner to take ownership of their movement and create a running intelligence that treats

running as a skill that can be practiced and developed.

My work is based on the belief that our running form can only be analysed and coached outside in the

natural environment and away from the treadmill which completely changes our running dynamics.

To this end I use groundbreaking wearable sensor technology and 360 degree video analysis of the

whole body; we run outside so we should be analysed and coached outside. I coach a running

technique that focuses on efficiency and reducing the effects of impact on the body to runners of all

levels from international to complete beginners and those returning from injury."

We look forward to welcoming you to the session on SUNDAY 14 th MAY!
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